How 420 Kent is one of the Most Dynamic Luxury Buildings in Williamsburg

We have worked tirelessly to bring a new sense of luxury and scale to Williamsburg with our Brooklyn luxury apartments.

This is 420 Kent, moments from Domino Park, a dynamic and epic Williamsburg rental for anyone who wants luxury living done right. Our new development is quickly rising the ranks and attracting people from all over. But what makes it such a special addition to Brooklyn?

We cover our top reasons why our Williamsburg apartments offer a highly-revered and fantastic living opportunity.

Private Decks

One of the first things we sought to develop is a clear pathway to an open space for all our guests. With this in mind, we developed private outdoor spaces high up in the sky. This is where our guests can relax, soak in the outdoors away from the sounds of the ground level, and admire the views any time they want. 

Open Designs

We continuously prioritized open spaces or as much as possible in Williamsburg. The end result is a sense of airiness that is almost completely foreign in Williamsburg. Our designs cater to your sense of space and freeness. One such way we achieved this is with three-sided views of the outside. Yes, the structure was rearranged to accommodate three angles of window views to our Williamsburg luxury apartments.

It is a massive, and innovative, departure from the cramped and closed-off rentals of other locations. 

High-End Interior Design

Our interior design makes no shortcuts. We prioritized making all our Williamsburg luxury rentals authentically- modern and fresh. This means high-end finishes, simple color palettes, and more. There’s no busyness in the design and nothing is unintentional. It is a stark difference from many rentals where the designers are left struggling to work with what’s there. Overall, the non-kitschy design and high-end quality provides a sunnier atmosphere for you and any of your guests. 

Natural Light

Light is so paramount to good home design. It’s not enough to add a few convenient windows. You have to encourage light to travel and the design the space in a way that maximizes natural light flow. With warm colors, bright drapes, and more, we encourage the light to burst in the space. Natural and light hardwood floors provide a nice glow from below and the floor-to-ceiling windows welcome light from virtually every angle.

This is real luxury in Williamsburg. Come live the life in Brooklyn you have always wanted. Contact us today for more details. 

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