Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg

A man handling film at Nitehawk Cinema

New York City has arguably the best movie enthusiast culture in the world. While many other cities have prized independent theaters, the options available in New York City for film-lovers are endless.

On any given day you can easily access quality mainstream releases of any genre without experiencing the typical problems associated with the average multiplex e.g. bad seats, obstructed views, noise, etc.

One theater that guarantees the ultimate classic cinematic experience is the Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

As unquestionably one of the most popular dine-in theaters in Brooklyn – and in the entire city. It’s always a fantastic choice for a night out and screens both classics and new releases, as well as 35mm screenings, midnight showings, and more.

With the exception of the film being screened, this dine-in multiplex has very little in common with other theaters. It was designed not just for screenings but also to act as a first-class dining hub – unquestionably a top destination for those living in nearby Williamsburg apartments such as 420 Kent.

Nitehawk Cinema's collection of vintage films


If you’ve decided to get off your couch to enjoy the big screen and you’re looking to squeeze every drop out of the experience then you should give Nitehawk Cinema a try. This theater hosts several super high definition screens with massive surround sound and motion seats. Which has you immersed in one of the most modern viewing systems afforded by technology.

There are screenings of both old and new movies. Whatever your taste is you can be sure to find the best foreign and offbeat movies in your preferred genre whenever they’re released.

The tickets here are also much cheaper than other theaters and the seats super comfortable and laid back.

You can purchase the tickets either online in the comfort of your nearby Williamsburg apartment or in-person.

Nitehawk Cinema's bar, with a deliciously vintage vibe


The food is exquisite at Nitehawk Cinema and perhaps one of the top reasons for you to venture out from your Williamsburg apartment for a night out.

The menu features a selection of full-on entrees, made-over classic snacks, and desserts. There are also foods inspired by films.

For instance, chocolate covered crickets with soy were offered at the screening of “Bell Flower”, while mashed potatoes with juicy fried chicken and chocolate cake were once served as the dish for the film “Tabloid”.

Unlike the conventional theater, the seats here are accompanied with miniature triangular tables for convenience.

The popcorn also stands out. Unlike traditional popcorn served at many multiplexes, the truffle popcorn at Nitehawk is specially prepared to produce tasty white kernels. It can also be topped off with ground cilantro leaves, mild cotija cheese, and lime juice.

All in all, this is a superb place for any cinephile especially when you consider the quality and access to the food, the price, the viewing experience, and the overall vibe. This is a must-see for those living in nearby Williamsburg apartments.

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