Jamming and Drinking, a Look at the Vibrant Atmosphere of South Williamsburg’s “Trophy Bar”

Trophy Bar is one of the area’s premier places to check out, and a mainstay for anyone and everyone who likes music and a cool atmosphere in the Williamsburg neighborhood. If you live in our Brooklyn luxury apartments, we can’t recommend this bar enough.

What is Trophy Bar?

Trophy Bar is a bar, of course, but it is much more than that. You can find a rotating stable of great live musicians in virtually all genres under the sun.  The focus is on DJ music, and the styles include otherworldly modern disco to deep house, synthpop to jazztronica, and everything else in between. The music is definitely unique.

As a Williamsburg luxury apartment resident, experiencing a night out at the Trophy Bar can truly make you feel like part of the community.


Interestingly, Trophy Bar does not have a club atmosphere. The music is typically featured outside in the bar’s open garden area. Guests can jam out or just relax amidst the tables scattered about in the garden.

You have a solid menu of favorites to choose from that cater to all your needs.  There is even a variety of diet choices, including the Veggie Burger, Carnitas Tacos, Trophy Quesadilla, and Quinoa Bowl, among many others. Add some enticing sides, such as the dazzling cheese fries as a nice complement to your dish of choice. Get any of these goodies for takeout and bring it back to your Williamsburg rental.


The drinks are extremely affordable. The main drink menu consists of four core selections: wine, Bloody Mary, margarita, and mulled wine. Guests can also find a selection of many well-known liquors and “most” standard drafts.

The menu specifically advertises “most,” so we can only assume they have a cellar the size of Brooklyn to accommodate all the many possible draft selections. Just ask away, as they are known to switch out drafts periodically.

Finally, you can select one of Trophy bar’s acclaimed cocktail specials. They have nine in total, with one of the local favorites being the Death Valley- mescal vida, smoked ancho chile syrup, honey, and lemon juice. It is something truly special if you have the nerve to tackle it.

The music creates an enthralling backdrop for the guests, but it is not often the main attraction. Guests come for the combined atmosphere of the drinks, the garden, and the jams, to have an amazing night out. Take a journey on down from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. during the week from our Williamsburg luxury rentals and see what all the fuss is about.  

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