Pies, Thighs, and the Best Southern Chicken in Williamsburg

Brooklyn often brings to mind rows of alluring brownstone buildings, small hipster coffee shops, and bold waterfront views. But you may find, tucked away a block from the Williamsburg Bridge, moments from Domino Park, and by the local Brooklyn luxury apartments, a memorable restaurant a little different from Brooklyn’s main traits.

Pies N’ Thighs is classic southern food right in Brooklyn. Signature homemade pies and southern fried chicken come together for what is possibly the best southern food stop in the neighborhood.

Beer Under the Bridge

Pies N’ Thighs was once a beer storage closet right by the Williamsburg Bridge. In 2006, a small team transformed this underutilized closet into a chicken and donut pie mini-palace. Thirteen years later, Pies N’ Thighs has turned this inventive combination into one of the best places to eat in town.

The Pie Side of Things

So what are these “pies” and “thighs” exactly?

For their desserts, the restaurant began by offering donuts exclusively. The Butter Pecan Crunch and the Lemon Poppy quickly turned into local favorites. After much success, the team expanded to include pies, such as their Crumble Pie, Apple, Pie, and Bourbon Cream Pie. We highly recommend getting one of these goodies to go and bringing them back to your Williamsburg luxury rental for the night.

Classic Chicken

Meal-wise, the café focuses on delivering a brilliant combination of baked goods with fried chicken. This has turned out some innovative and creative plays on flavor. The Chicken Box is the quintessential dish– three servings of fried chicken atop a buttermilk biscuit. The Chicken and Waffles is a local favorite. Anther mouth-watering concoction is the buckwheat waffle, coated with cinnamon butter & apples, all comforted with two big pieces of fried chicken.

It is not all chicken, of course. You can find some other authentic and southern-inspired delights. Keep an eye out for the Cornmeal-fried Catfish with tartar sauce and pickles, or the Insane Burger, a grass-fed burger with a fried egg, bacon, cheese, pickles and slathered in mayo.

The Takeout Chicken Buffet

We have to make special note of the chicken buffet. Exclusively for takeout, visitors can come and fill a whole bucket with as many delightful southern goodies as they can squeeze in there. It is a great way to get your party meal to-go, bringing it back to eat in the comfort of the nearby Williamsburg apartments.

Pies N’ Thighs is a welcoming and relaxing place to hang out if you feel like staying for a bit. It’s a novelty stop in the neighborhood, but one that attracts guests clamoring for good southern food. Luckily, The Williamsburg luxury apartments at 420 Kent are also within Pies N Thigh’s delivery distance. Get amazing food without ever leaving your Williamsburg rental.

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