Top Reasons to Live in Williamsburg NYC in Your 30’s

You hit 30. It is the opportunity to step into a different phase of your life. Your interests are evolving. Your late nights out are getting a little less and you got a little extra money to put into those dreams you have been pushing aside.

Our Brooklyn luxury apartments offer the opportunity to enter into one of Brooklyn’s most sought-after neighborhoods. Williamsburg offers plenty of attractive things to do and sights to see for any age. But 30-somethings may find some special reasons to stay in the neighborhood for a decade or more. We cover even more reasons to live in Williamsburg in your 30’s.

An Industrial Backdrop

Don’t get us wrong. Williamsburg is not currently an industrial complex. Our Williamsburg rentals are luxurious and contemporary, through and through. But the neighborhood’s radiating industrial history is imbedded into every street corner and every piece of architecture. There’s a unifying sense of real history here. This may not have been something you appreciated at 22, but at 30+, it’s simply magical. There’s converted docks and warehouses, lofts, low-rise warehouse homes, Domino Park, and boutique condo projects to help add to the dense, but gorgeous architectural scenery.

Accessibility and Transportation

Williamsburg has some really easy transportation to and from our Williamsburg apartments. The L train carries any traveler right into Manhattan. But there’s no shortage of transportation options. You may want to step away from an Uber or Lyft for a bit and try some other ways to travel. The East River Ferry service is an incredible benefit for anyone seeking a scenic cruise, while the bike paths allow for comfortable and beautiful traversal through Williamsburg and Brooklyn.  It’s all right outside the Williamsburg luxury rentals.


If you love a little culture, you will find plenty to appreciate with the many local museum attractions. Our favorite is undoubtedly the MOFAD. The lengthy acronym stands for the Museum of Food and Drink, and it is a blast. When you were just a tad younger, you might enjoy any old bar or café, and that’s great! Williamsburg has that too. But if you want to expand your palette, the MOFAD is the best primer. It celebrates international foods, the history of preparation, and special exotic selections you may have never heard of.

Contact us for more information on any of our Williamsburg luxury apartments. We can get you all the details you need to make the long-awaited step into Williamsburg.

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