What are the Four Helpful Things All Williamsburg Locals Need?

What is it like to live in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn? With our Brooklyn luxury apartments (moments from Domino Park), you get a taste of the excitement of living in one of Brooklyn’s most alluring neighborhoods.

It might take a bit of time to get used to living in the area. Fortunately, we can help. What are the top four things you need to ease into living in the city and to make every little day that much better?

Recycling Container

You will find that New York City is extremely eco-friendly. To fit in quickly (and be ecologically-responsible) you may want to consider recycling. Waste is divided into three categories in New York City: trash, glass/plastic, and finally, paper.

While our Williamsburg apartments have a recycling service, there’s even the extra step of going to a recycling centre. There are some in Brooklyn, like CMC Recycling and AA Polymer. You can always contact us for more on recycling at our Williamsburg luxury apartments.

Carrying Bag

No matter where you go in the city and for how long, a carrying bag or backpack is a prerequisite. It is so incredibly convenient to have a quality bag to hold your things. You get bonus points for getting a weather-resistant bag, such as one made primarily of nylon. You can also opt for a tote bag or grocery- bag for those impromptu or quick grocery trips.

Earbuds, Headphones, or Earplugs

The city can get loud. You might want a little something to minimize the sound when you leave your Williamsburg rentals for the day. Earbuds are helpful, but they can often just fall out. They also aren’t built for soundproofing. Headphones make a nice and heavier alternative. 

We even recommend checking out earplugs. This is especially helpful if you wind up traveling along a construction area during your daily commute. Earplugs will block or reduce the sound of loud trucks, jackhammers, and sirens.

On a side note, we recommend you travel by some of the less-trafficked areas of the city. It could be a pleasant respite to take the long way around. Williamsburg is stunning, with gorgeous Williamsburg luxury rentals and a distinct industrial/contemporary architectural style. It is a neighborhood you will continue to admire for years.

Refillable Water Container

This one is a no-brainer. You have to get a refillable water bottle. The summers get hot. You may travel further than you planned. Carrying a water bottle is a simple ecological and financial save, and a well-known local thing to do. 

Contact us for even more helpful tips and tricks to living in Williamsburg.

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