True or Not? Three Main Misconceptions of Living in Williamsburg

Our Brooklyn luxury apartments give you a window into one of the borough’s best neighborhoods – Williamsburg.

We love showing off Williamsburg, the flame which keeps Brooklyn burning bright. Between the eclectic restaurants, unique shops, Domino Park, and top neighborhood conveniences, you can experience the full range of NYC living with our Williamsburg apartments.

However, we have found some pretty intriguing misconceptions about Williamsburg. What is true? What is, well, not? We cover three top misconceptions of what it is like living in Williamsburg.

1. It is Hipster Central

Brooklyn, and often specifically Williamsburg, gets this weird distinction of being the center of hipster culture. In actuality, the culture of Williamsburg is quite varied. If you spend some time outside the Williamsburg luxury apartments at different times of the day, you are certain to see a wide variety of culturally influential people from different backgrounds and groups, from artists to foodies, fashionistas, musicians of many genres.

2. There Aren’t Good Places to Eat

This misconception is baffling. While some may head to Manhattan for the world-renowned eating, Williamsburg has some dazzling places to dine. Meadowsweet is some of the best classic American fare in the city, while Barano is New York’s love letter to Italy. There are steak houses, sushi bars and numerous Zagat and Michelin recognized restaurants right near the Williamsburg luxury rentals. It is a smorgasbord of options.

3. Transportation is Hard

Manhattan gets all the recognition for its extensive subway set-up, and that’s fair. It is great! 

But this doesn’t mean Williamsburg isn’t extremely travel-friendly. Residents of our Williamsburg rentals have multiple options available to them. The most popularly-traveled rail is the L train into Manhattan. There’s also the well-travelled G train through Brooklyn. It is extremely easy to get around as you see fit. 

The bus line is thorough and cabs are openly available. When yellow cabs are not circling Williamsburg, an Uber or Lyft is usually available within minutes. It is also nice to have the local cab service on speed dial. The Williamsburg Bridge connects the neighborhood directly to the Lower East Side of Manhattan and is easily accessible no matter where your Williamsburg rental is located.

We love Williamsburg. Whether you live in one of our waterfront Williamsburg rentals or not at 420 Kent, we want to make sure you have a fair idea of what this top-level neighborhood has to offer. Contact us for more information today. 

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