The Top Three Best Reasons to Live in Williamsburg NYC

The idea of relocating to Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood from outside of NYC may seem a little daunting. Even if you are somewhat familiar with what life is like in New York City, it can still be a little intimidating to make the dive.

But there’s so much to love after you find one of the best Brooklyn luxury apartments to live in. Williamsburg is a prime place to live for anyone in any stage of their life. There are always new and rewarding ways to live when you’re in Williamsburg. We cover some of the best reasons to live in Williamsburg no matter what your goals are for your next relocation.

Ethical Shopping

Do you have a little more money to play around with? Take advantage of it! While it isn’t hard to spend any amount of money at any time of the day in NYC, there are definitely some intriguing and unique shops to check out. Williamsburg, in particular, has a wide selection of ethically-minded shops which sell jewelry, apparel, and other handmade fashionable items. While ethically-minded items may not have been a top priority before, it has become a pretty important cultural shift that many adopt.

Public Parks

There are so many lovely public parks near our Williamsburg apartments. You may not have thought a public park was a perk when you were younger. But get a little older, and it is a charming attribute. A public park sets a nice and pleasant neighborhood tone. You can enjoy some fun and free activities and set your local park as an easy meetup area. Some parks right near the Williamsburg luxury rentals are Domino Park, Washington Market Park, Teardrop Park, and Rockefeller Park, right up against the water.

History and Culture 

You might find special value in being near the famous 9/11 Memorial in Williamsburg. It is only a few blocks from our Williamsburg rentals, and something that means a lot for the community. It is just one example of the connective tissue of Brooklynites, and how along every step of the way, we embrace our history and culture to bring everyone closer together.

On top of this, you have endless options when you live in one of NYC’s “foodiest” neighborhoods; you’re never too far from amazing international cuisine, new-American fare, imported wine, beer, cheese, and fresh produce.

These are just a few of reasons why anyone should take a look at Williamsburg – and we even have more! Don’t miss out on the greatness of this Brooklyn neighborhood and explore the Williamsburg rentals at 420 Kent today.

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