Skinny Dennis

Oh, Skinny Dennis, the times we have had. 

Skinny Dennis is a throwback bar in Williamsburg. Located near our Williamsburg rentals, moments from Domino Park, Skinny Dennis attracts anyone who is unashamed to line dance in public. It welcomes anyone who wants to have a good time and anyone who pines for the good ol’ days of the Old Tennessee tavern in looks and feel.

Skinny Dennis is billed as a honky tonk tavern- and it is just that, a thrilling time. 


Skinny Dennis is themed after the famous Nashville bars of the 1970’s, and with that comes a bit of fun and notoriety. The owner likes to lean into the term with old tavern bar stools, an open “sit anywhere” concept, and a classic still-working jukebox available to anyone with a quarter to spare. There’s also some amusing bar features, like free peanuts and stickers covering every square inch of the bar back. 


Skinny Dennis’ has 18 beers on tap, including Dales Pale Ale, Coors Banquet, and Abita Amber. It also has the delightful and rich Willie’s Frozen Coffee. You can always ask about signature specials and current seasonal highlights when visiting from our Williamsburg rentals.


Skinny Dennis’ may be most famous for its music. There is a show just about every single night of the week. The website touts local live music seven nights a week. Looking at the packed calendar for the summer, you have to take them on their word. There’s a different show for every night out from our Williamsburg rentals, and all the artists are either treasured local favorites or brand new acts waiting to be discovered. Considering there may not be many places to experience and hear live country music in Williamsburg, it is great to see Skinny Dennis hold the torch for fans. 

Come on over from our local Brooklyn luxury apartments on a lazy Tuesday evening or a rowdy Saturday night to see Skinny Dennis’ for yourself. It is inventive, unique, and like nothing else in Williamsburg.

There are crowd favorites such as the Bar Band, C.C. and the Boys, The Last Roundup Boys, Eugene Chrysler, the Royal Hounds, and many more. 

Hours and Location

Skinny Dennis is located at 152 Metropolitan Ave. It is reliably open every day of the week from noon to 4 a.m. 

Contact us for any information on local attractions and things to do. Ask us about our available Williamsburg luxury rentals.

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