What is the International Paper Museum?

Who would have thought that a paper museum would be so…compelling?

This oddball local museum is considered a Williamsburg treasure.  It doesn’t reach the top of any lists for top Williamsburg attractions. You won’t visit it every single day (you can’t, it’s only open on weekdays). It is also about as small as a typical coffee shop.

But the International Paper Museum manages to be one of the most peculiar attractions near our Williamsburg luxury rentals. We highly recommend you check it out.

What is the International Paper Museum?

Put simply, the International Paper Museum explores the art of paper in all its forms and styles. Every few months, the exhibitioners develop a new showcase celebrating a certain aspect of paper. This may include its history, how it is made, and more. They gather various artifacts and heirlooms, including handmade paper, papermaking supplies and equipment, to help develop this particular part of the story of paper.

The museum becomes a small showroom for papermakers and artists to check out and get inspired. It can become a helpful artistic tool and social source right by our Williamsburg apartments.

Who curates the museum?

It is run by co-founder Donna Koretsky and art director Shannon Brock. Koretsky has done extensive field on paper-making techniques in Japan, Korea, Burma, Vietnam, Indonesia, and other countries. Brock’s own work has received wide acclaim and has been exhibited nationally and internationally.  

The museum is an extremely small operation and is related to the International Paper Museum at the Carriage House in Massachusetts.


There are suggestions that the museum is only open on Thursdays. But according to the Carriage Paper House website, the company behind the International Paper Museum, it is open Monday through Friday, from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. It is a short distance from our Williamsburg luxury apartments, so you can conveniently visit on your own time. 

Admission and Location

Admission is free, though donations are recommended. Most parts of the museum are only available by appointment. This includes the paper studio, paper showroom, and museum exhibition. It is recommended you call before arriving to see if the exhibit is open and available. The museum can be reached at 718-599-7857. It is located at 31 Grand St. 

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