Staying at the Wythe Hotel While Exploring Williamsburg

A hip alternative to saturated Manhattan, Brooklyn is teeming with restaurants and cafes, green space, quaint shops, and, of course, a long-standing cultural diversity that gives it an edge.

Once a gritty substitute to the city’s central borough, Brooklyn is now known and loved for its off-beat quaintness and Williamsburg luxury apartments, particularly among those who favor slightly slower urban living.

Staying at the Wythe Hotel may be the perfect way to explore Williamsburg luxury apartments and local attractions. Wythe Hotel truly embodies the Williamsburg spirit, where old fuses with new. Or, the next time family comes to town, book them a room at the Wythe for a true New York experience.

The Building

The Wythe is an historic barrel factory that’s been converted into a minimalist, rustic-chic boutique hotel. The factory has been stripped to its brick walls, exposing beautiful red-brown walls that take you back to the industrious early 1900s. The building features cast-iron columns, floor-to-ceiling windows on every floor, and loft-style rooms with to-die-for views of Manhattan and the East River.


The suites themselves are open-concept and full of light. Oversized windows make guests feel like they are a part of the vibrant city from the comfort of their crisp, white sheets. The rooms have varying sizes of beds, including built-in bunk beds in some suites, that are custom-made from reclaimed pine from the building’s original ceiling. Simple, apartment-style kitchens and vintage, white-tiled bathrooms with walk-in showers make guests feel right at home – minus the clutter.

Amenities include iPhone-controlled surround sound, heated floors, and a well-stocked minibar. Guests also get free access to the Brooklyn Athletic Club during their stay.

Restaurant and Bar

Reynard Restaurant serves American food that hits the sweet spot between innovation and comfort. Open weekdays for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and weekends for brunch and dinner, Reynard Restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Wythe Hotel. This restaurant prides itself on local, organic ingredients, and knows all their meat, dairy, and produce suppliers by name. The converted warehouse gives the restaurant a casual feel, but the ambitious food, inventive cocktails, and experienced staff offer a refined experience in every way.

For breakfast, try the Sourdough Pancake topped with black raspberry preserves. For brunch, the wild mushroom frittata is an easy winner. A grass-fed burger, Mussels & Fries, and their take on a classic BLT are all lunchtime options. Dinner entrees include red snapper, grilled pork, and steak.

The Wythe is located right across from Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn Brewery, moments from Domino Park and, countless bars and restaurants. It’s also about a mile from 420 Kent’s Williamsburg luxury apartments, so you can have family stay right where you want them: not too close, but not too far. For more information on the neighborhood and things to do with out-of-towners, browse our website.

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